About: Slow Build

There are as many theories for the ruins as blanks in the master computers’ brains.  We read and search and rabbit-hole, but come up with little save recipes and earnest biographies of the long dead.  We’ve no reason to think the places we use as foundations are haunted or poisoned, but none of us build villages in the badlands either.

The gaps in our history don’t align with the warehouses and caches of electronics the hunter-gatherers find.  Not that it matters.  Us?  We live in the now.  If an atomic battery works, it works.  The real questions are, “should we keep it?” and “how much will it trade for at the next Winter Fair?” Or lately, “are the other villages even trading these days?  If not, what are they using for marks?”

This is a ponderously slow (ha) experiment of mine in long-form story telling.  It’s an ongoing story seen from the perspectives of three people who work in industries possibly threatened by what is possibly progress.  The story starts here and all sections can be found here.