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    Johnnie stood in his garden and tried to see the hills.  The fog was up, making the western boundary a towering dark smear in a light grey wall.  Between him and the hills were a hell of a lot of other buildings, but his family’s place was taller than most and the hulking view […]

The 1,000 Gardens

    There were more than a thousand gardens, of course.  The place that became the Five Cities was built on the skeleton of a forest and haunted by its fecund past.  It was lush with a flamboyant excess of greenspace, laid out and continually added to in an attempt to appease the leafy fates.  But […]


    Bliss was pretty goddamn bored.  She was pretty fucking bored.  She was goddamned, fucking bored because she’d recently learned how cool it was to swear and her parents had moved the family to the Five Cities.  It wasn’t just that they’d left the East, where she had perfectly good friends, but they’d moved to […]


    Flashing a smile, Angie remembered to involve the muscles under her eyes to make it look genuine.  She replaced the empty carafe with a full one after refilling the board member’s cups and fading out of the room.  Comfortably out of sight behind the door, her shoulders fell and she tugged at the uncomfortable […]


    Hunt was, frankly, pretty damn pleased with his personal situation.  Sure, he didn’t have solar or gas and lived by the candle, plus he had just the one goat. But he had a hell of a garden and a bioswale just a couple of blocks off, with the river just beyond, if he needed […]

The Bridge

    It was common knowledge what an overpass was—that is, what they used to be.  Vehicles once sped across them, taking people over buildings and streets to the hearts of neighbourhoods.  People knew this.  They saw vehicles, cars and trucks and panel vans, at the museum for a suggested donation.  They could also see them, […]